Five Wedding Trends In For 2019


1) Tiaras

With the recent royal wedding it is no surprise that brides are jumping at the chance to look like a princess as they plan their dream fairy tale weddings.

2) Deep Colors

This year be on the look out for brides using deeper color palettes than in previous years. We seem to be moving away from the rustic light pinks and creams and more toward deep purples and blues.

3) DIY Food Bars

One trend we are excited to see grow are DIY food bars. The idea that couples are allowing guests to have a little more control over how they enjoy food at the reception is great. We love this idea for everything from baked potatoes to pizza.

4) Bringing Nature In

It seems that brides are moving away from the rustic burlap and vases of flowers to a more organic table arrangement including runners of greenery. This trend seems to be a little more on the minimal side, and we love it!

5) Statement Place Cards

We love a wedding with assigned seating, and we love the unique ways that couples are using place cards to give their guests a better wedding experience. From calligraphy stones to mini champagnes with printed name cards, there are so many unique and interactive ways to drive your wedding theme to your guests.

We would love to hear from you. Are there any unique wedding trends like these that you will be using in your own wedding?

All images are from Pinterest